Scottie “Pimping” Pippen Is Getting Sued By Ex- Side Chick From The 90’s Over A UnReimbursed Plane Ticket From The 1980’s!

Image result for scottie pippen
Chyvette Valentine and Scottie Pippen

According to the The Blast, NBA legend Scottie Pippen is being sued by his ex mistress over unpaid airplane fee that she alleged he promised to reimburse her for back in the 1980’s! The mystery woman alleges that she was dating the basketball star during his first wife Karen McCollum prior to their spilt.

Chyvette Valentine, who claims to have dated Pippen during his time with the Chicago Bulls, is taking Pippen to small claims court after she says he allegedly promised to pay her back after she flew herself out but he never did.

Valentine claims she didn’t know Pippen was married or had kids, and didn’t find out until he opened up about his life in February 1988 as the pair had sex. Valentine is suing for $9,999 (the maximum allowed in small claims court) but claims she is actually owed much more.

Following his split from McCollum, Pippen wed second wife Larsa in 1997. She filed for divorce in 2018.

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