Undefeated : Gervontaa Davis Wins W/ TKO Against Nunez ! Did Gervontaa Propose To Ari Fletcher?

Ricardo Nunez Vs Gervontaa Davis

Gervontaa Davis brought his beloved city (that Donald Trump called rat infested) Baltimore a win during his homecoming boxing match Saturday night! Davis won by knock out, and everyone went wild! Fans are also speculating that he may have proposed to or married his girlfriend Ari Fletcher during training!

The Chicago bombshell Ariana Fletcher was spotted rocking a huge ring on her left hand, and her caption stated Mrs. Davis under her recent Instagram post! Ari was sitting ringside while he man showed off his skills, and has been by his side while he trained for his big match. The two have been all over each others social media accounts displaying their love for one another.

This comes after rumors of a spilt prior to Ari’s birthday, and a rumored lawsuit between she and Davis! Gervontaa Davis baby mom Dretta has been trying her best to out Davis as an alleged “dead beat “ dad! Dretta recently threw their daughter Gervanni a one year old birthday bash! The theme was turning lemons into lemonade, and was seemingly a shot at her child’s father! She even told a non fan in her comments thats that hasn’t paid for the party or sent money in months!

Dretta also bragged about throwing the party all on her own, and how being a mom is hard work! She is 100 percent right about single moms, and moms in general having it hard, but I think Gervanni would’ve been cool with a party at Chuckie Cheese for the fraction of the price! IJS!

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