Los Angeles City Attorney Has Been Trying TO Evict The Marathon Store From Crenshaw & Slauson For The Last 6 Months!

According to Nipsey Hussle‘s business partner the city of Los Angeles has been trying to evict The Marathon Store for the past 6 months. Prior to Nipsey Hussle’s death Nipsey’s business partner rom Vector 90 received a letter from the Los Angeles City attorney that deemed The Marathon Store a nussiance to the community. In the letter it states that the store had various illegal gang activity , and was a hangout for the Rolling 60’s. Nipsey Hussle was a former Rolling 60’s gang member, but had put his gang life in the past according to his family.

The Marathon Clothing store flagship is currently closed, but orders can be taken online. Many have still not received packages from ordering months ago, and this maybe why.

David Gross, Nipsey’s business partner was hesitant to reveal his battle with the city of Los Angeles but felt he had no other choice . Despite the city renaming Crenshaw and Slauson , Nipsey Hussle Square in honor top the late rapper, and singing his praises they are still pursuing to evict the store. Nipsey and his team of investors own the whole Slauson square where The Marathon Store resides, but their main focus is the flagship clothing store. As expected with his murder occurring outside of the store, and the frenzy of fans coming to pay respects it further propelled the city attorney’s case.

The city had been according to Gross stalking the plaza, and looking for any slip up they could hold against Nipsey Hussle, Nipsey’s older brother and partner Blacc Sam, and All Money In. The store’s location is where Nipsey Hussle would sell his mixtape’s on his journey to fame. This is nothing new to Nipsey and his team as the shops they owned were constantly raided, and they even lost their first store Slauson Tees back in 2006!

Gross, Sam, and the rest of the Hussle team are starting the next phase of developing Nipsey Hussle Tower.The project that will offer retail and affordable housing to their community, while remaining home to The Marathon, the fish shop, and Steve’s Barber Shop.

Also they are prepping at Destination Crenshaw to break ground on a $100 million Black public art show that is centered around the life of Nipsey Hussle.

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