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Rapped Out Marketing & Communications

With 8 years of promotional and pr research, studios, and service we guarantee dependable promotional and public relation services in the Tri State area. We help various brands and artist identify their demographic, and strategically target them.

We specialize in word of mouth and brand/ logo association.

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Strategic Promotional & Marketing Packages

The “Popping “ Package

Total Cost: Contact for pricing

Duration :1 Month


To identify and target the appropriate intended demographic, build brand awareness, create an organic digital and in field presence, and also to create, build, and nurture industry networks/ relations. 


The “ Popping” package is for artists to attract new listeners, and industry relationships while helping to build and expand their core foundation, existing exposure, and presence. 

  • Stronger social media/ digital presence; organic content views increased, audience ( followers, profile lists, active organic audience/ follower engagement) .
  • Artist/ Brand Awareness ; the artist’s targeted audience/ demographic begins recognize the brand by logo/ and or name. Artist gains traction by organic “word of mouth” throughout the targeted audience and/or industry. 
  • Content Traction & Momentum; artist content in consistent rotation rotation while attracting various media outlet & pacesetter attention, and targeting the objective demographics.

“Popping” Package Services

Gorilla Marketing and Promotion: In the field, foot work and grass roots promotion. This style of promotion focuses on vital hot spots of consistent foot and vehicular traffic throughout the Philadelphia ( and or contracted area). This style of promotion is vital, and helps advertise to multiple  targeted demographics. Strategic planning to ensure vitality, and longevity of posted promo items.

Gorilla Marketing & Promotion “Popping” Package Frequency: Once a week for the duration (3 months) contracted by the artist/and or brand.

Business Network Blasts : Promo items blasted throughout business that target  and sell to the artist/ brand’s demographic. 

“Popping Package” BUDGET

The “Popping”Package Is our cost effective package for artists who want to focus on promotion and marketing in strategic segments. This is optimal for artists who don’t have as flexible budgets, but can afford to invest into promotion. “Popping” helps stick to the grass roots of marketing and promotion while thinking outside of the box.

Cost Breakdown Quantity Unit Price Cost
100 lb Matte Paper Color Front No Back Posters   Size 8.5×11 1000 0.15 $‎ Contact for pricing
 Logo Stickers Size: 2×2 5000 2 cents Contact for pricing
Hand to Pocket Content Flyers / Standard Size business cards  5000 2 cents Contact for pricing

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Social Media Marketing / Various Paid Posts

$Contact for pricin
Service Fee

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$0 Contact for pricing